Behind every great waterfowler is a good dog, and behind every good dog is a story.

At its core,The Sporting Life Retriever explores the powerful bond between man and dog. The men and women who train and hunt with waterfowl retrievers have a special kind of love and dedication. These are their stories.

The Sporting Life Retriever all started with owner Marty Roberts’ passion to raise and train gun dogs. When he was 17 years old, his parents gave him his first hunting dog, Jimbob. That first puppy began a passion to raise and train hunting puppies and dogs for people all over the world. Through our TV show you can follow the stories of some great retrievers and the relationship they have with their owners - touching stories, action, as well as retriever training segments - come and join our family and share the deep love we have for our dogs as we live "The Sporting Life."

The Sporting Life Retriever TV show airs on The Pursuit Channel and Amazon Prime June 28th.

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